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Oxfordshire Therapy & Self-Development Network: 1-to-1 Counselling & Psychotherapy - Group Therapy & Workshops in Oxford and Witney

Welcome to OTS-Oxford Therapy Centre

Welcome to OTS, where we have the most comprehensive range of counselling and psychotherapy services in Oxfordshire, to meet the differing individual needs of our clients and visitors. Every person is unique - with different needs, even if you have the same problem!

Here you can discover - that there are many ways of meeting your needs for counselling and psychotherapy!
We have made this website as straightforward as we can to help you identify what you need, and to link you with the right information. To achieve this you may find you open links on one of our two sister sites - OTS-Witney Therapy Centre, and OTS-Oxfordshire Therapy & Self-Development. Or, you can phone or email us via the contact details in the right-hand column--->

OTS Facebook - we regularly post on Facebook! Take a look at one of our recent posts; an intimate interview with Mary Cregan about the role of psychotherapy in her recovery from depression.

OTS Facebook September - "Surviving What Happens"

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Options: What Do You Need?

There are hundreds of different types of counselling & psychotherapy (and psychological therapies in general), and you are unique - one person with depression isn't the same as another person with depression. Finding the right approach and more importantly the right counsellor or therapist or group for you is essential in meeting your particular needs.

We can offer assistance - through our assessment and referral service for anyone unsure of who or what is right for them!
We also offer you lots of information on this and on the main OTS website to help you make your own choice too. Depending on the option that you choose, you may open a page on the main OTS website. This site will remain open in your browser for you to return to.

Read through this list of options and then select one for further information:

Help finding the best option for you
Free talks and events - for the public & practitioners

One-to-one counselling or psychotherapy
Low-cost counselling
Groups - therapy, support, developmental
Couples counselling
Child and family counselling

About OTS - the what, where, who & why
Fees: Costs for different therapy options
Trainee Placements

About OTS - the what, where, who & why

In November 2014, 3 senior practitioners - Justin Smith, Michael Soth & Annalisa Caldon invited practitioners of psychological therapies in Oxfordshire to help us form a multi-modality developmental community, with the broad aim of making therapy more accessible. Our plans have progressed across a range of objectives, so here is a summary of our progress, and future plans.

Progress To Date:

  • we have grown in membership from 16 to over 40 practitioners, and have reached out and presented our initiative to other organisations
  • we have developed a network of affiliate members as an additional referral resource
  • we have delivered free talks and workshops to the general public
  • we have also delivered some free CPD training to the wider professional community
  • our first therapy group has been running since January 2016 with a waiting list to join on Tuesday evenings, and a second women only therapy group in Oxford.
  • a low-cost placement service is up and running, with trainees and newly qualified practitioners receiving payment for their work
  • our monthly Personal & Professional Development Group for therapists is now in its 3rd year, with a second group currently awaiting more members
  • we are sending regular internal & external newsletters to a growing public and practitioner readership
  • Facebook and LinkedIn accounts have been set up and are generating a following
  • we are a growing community with social events and regular meetings
  • we are designing an in-house training programme for facilitators and groups leaders, with some aspects already active
  • we have held regular in-house CPD meetings and training days
  • we have made nearly 200 referrals to practitioners
  • we have recovered all our set-up costs, and are ready to establish a charity

    Future Plans:
    As well as needing to develop our community, we are looking to establish productive links with other low cost services and placements in the area, so as to provide clients with the greatest range of options that can be developed.

    The OTS Charity:
    We are currently investigating how OTS can set up as a charity, so that as the organisation grows, income can stay within the organisation and can be used towards its main charitable aim, i.e. to support low-cost group therapy in the community. As a charity we will be able to more formally pay people for carrying out the admin functions of the organisation, with the rest of the work involved in running and growing OTS being done for free, as it is now.

    Are You Interested?
    We are looking for likeminded individuals, who would like to get involved in setting this partially self-funded charity up. We are particularly interested in anyone who has experience and/or enthusiasm to offer as a trustee.

    Therapy Group & Facilitation Training:
    We are starting to develop a 12-18 month training programme for practitioners wanting to run groups and facilitate workshops for OTS. The programme will be open to all applicants, and we are exploring having it be an accredited course. We will keep you updated on this as it develops. You can sign up for the OTS newsletter on the right hand side of this page to ensure you are kept up to date.

    We have many more plans for the future; this is just the beginning. If you would like to know more, please get in touch.

  • If you are looking for a Counsellor or Psychotherapist...

    If you are looking for counselling or psychotherapy in Oxford, we offer assessments in Oxford, and can refer you to one of our practitioners who work at different venues across the region. We also have low-cost practitioners on placement with us, who commonly work in Jericho at the Community Centre, and in Botley at the The Oxford Community Health Hub. From January we will be more concentrated on our new centre!

    As well as our new centre in Oxford our current therapy centre is in central Witney, just around the corner from the main bus stops at the top of the High Street. So we are well placed for people travelling from Abingdon, Burford, Bampton, Carterton, Eynsham, Faringdon, Oxford, Wantage and other surrounding towns and villages.

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