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Counselling & Psychotherapy Options

All of the practitioners listed on this page can be contacted via the contact details for each entry. Clicking on the contact link will take you to the contact form on the main OTS website. Not all of our therapists who we might refer you to are listed here. If you are looking for low cost counselling or psychotherapy, our trainees are not listed here, as an assessment is required before they see clients.

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You can also phone us or email us here if you would like an assessment and referral session which can access a wide range of practitioners in Witney and Oxford, as well as the low-cost service and group therapy provided by OTS at the centre in Witney & in Oxford.

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In this section you will find full members of the OTS organisation who we regularly refer to, as we know their work well. Please be aware that there are many other members who are not on our website.

Find A Therapist. Julia Joyce

Julia Joyce
Integrative Transpersonal Counsellor

Offering: Individual adult (18+) therapy
Availability: Monday - Friday, daytime and evenings
Fees: £50 (60 minute sessions), limited number of concessionary slots for students / lower income
Frequency: Weekly
Location: OTS-Oxford Therapy Centre
Also at: OTS-Witney Therapy Centre, Faringdon & Online

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Approach & Specialist Areas:
As a transpersonal therapist my focus is to help you to understand yourself better and to explore your growth as as individual. Life can be challenging and complicated, resulting in perhaps depression, anxiety, low self-worth, addictions, eating disorders or a sense of feeling empty or stuck. In therapy we would think together about how your life is now, in the present, then work backwards to explore how people and and situations might have contributed to forming beliefs and responses that are no longer helping you. With growing awareness it is then possible to look forwards into the future, perhaps looking at ways to do things a little differently as you continue your life journey.
We will have an initial session; following this, if you decide to continue with weekly therapy, I will provide a safe and confidential room or Zoom setting for you to bring whatever issues you would like to explore. We might do this just through talking, or we can use visualisations / art / myth and stories / dreamwork - how we work is your choice. I will actively engage with the issues you bring, by listening, supporting and challenging you to find out more about the unique human being that you are. As Oscar Wilde said, “The final mystery is oneself”.

In 2010, following a personal crisis, I went into therapy with a Jungian practitioner which over time, transformed the way in which I understood myself, my life and the world. Excited by this, I then took the decision to retrain as a therapist, so that I could help others as I had been helped.
Prior to this, I worked as a garden designer / gardener. I have always had strong ties to the natural world, which has taught me so much.

Training & Qualifications:
Diploma in Integrative Transpersonal Counselling (ReVision, London).

Registered Bodies & Organisational Positions:
British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists (BACP)
OTS-Oxfordshire Therapy and Self-Development

Find A Therapist. Ben

Ben Barwick
Integrative Counsellor

Offering: Individual therapy
Availability: Monday to Friday (Days & Evenings)
Fees: £50 - sliding scale
Frequency: Weekly
Location: OTS-Oxford Therapy Centre
Also at: OTS-Witney Therapy Centre & Online

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Approach & Specialist Areas:
As an integrative counsellor, I draw on a few theories (Person-Centred, Psychodynamic and Gestalt) and tailor my approach to the client. I have a keen interest in Psychodynamic Counselling, which impacts my practice. I am focused on working in the present, making the unconscious conscious. We’ll explore patterns that have been established in early life and allow you to do something differently.
I offer both long-term open-ended and short term counselling. Your needs are something we would discuss in our initial sessions.

I spent over ten years as a Running Coach at Full Potential, designing training plans and supporting runners of all abilities. I felt there was more out there, so in 2018 I took a Level 2 Course in Counselling Skills. Within weeks I knew this was a career path I wanted to go down.
I’ve always been inquisitive about understanding myself, and counselling allowed me to explore my past, present, and future in a way I have never done before. It helps me make sense of my world, which I want to offer to others.
I am currently studying for a postgraduate Certificate in Psychodynamic Counselling at Oxford University. I hope to turn this into a Masters over the next few years.

Training & Qualifications:
Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling
Currently Studying PG Cert in Psychodynamic Counselling

Registered Bodies & Organisational Positions:
BACP Registered Member
OTS Member

Find A Therapist. Jessica

Jessica Taylor
Art Psychotherapist and Systemic Practitioner

Offering: Individual, couple and family art psychotherapy
Availability: Thursdays midday until 6pm
Fees: £60 individual (50 min) £75 families & couples (75 mins).
Frequency: Weekly
Location: OTS-Oxford Therapy Centre

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Approach & Specialist Areas:
I am interested in facilitating people to integrate layers of their experience and inhabit their lives and relationships more fully, combining the non-verbal language of art making with reflective conversation. I find working with objects, stories and image-making to be powerful ways of accessing deeper layers of experience and understanding, as well as providing moments in sessions where people can experience reconnecting with themselves. I provide a range of art materials to use and visual media and objects to think and explore with in sessions.
Art psychotherapy invites a process of expression and reflection which incorporates the experience of using art materials and talking with a therapist. The therapeutic sessions offer opportunities to connect with one’s creative resources, while providing a space to explore the emotional and relational context of an image. No previous experience or skill is required, only openness and a desire and curiosity to engage. It is not necessary to think of oneself as a ‘creative’ person to engage with art psychotherapy.
Art making can be helpful as a safe and containing medium to allow difficult, distressing or unrecognised feelings to arise and be explored in a gentle manner. The therapeutic relationship provides the support, curiosity and openness within which to explore any issues, themes, feelings and narratives which arise.
Over the past 9 years I’ve been developing my art psychotherapy practice with adults, children and families. My practice is informed by phenomenological philosophy, attachment theory, systemic, archetypal and psychoanalytical frameworks, and by my own experience of art making.
I have worked with children, young people and adults undergoing acute and chronic states of distress and trauma, as well as with people wishing to explore difficulties with relationships, emotions and connection to themselves through both verbal and non-verbal, creative mediums.
I have a special interest in working with families, and also an interest in developing my art psychotherapy practice within the field of chronic pain and illness.

I studied social anthropology at LSE and Manchester, and went onto develop my interest in how communication can be transformed through creative means by co-devising semi-improvisational theatre performances within special needs settings. I adapted the social theatre model known as forum theatre and used this to create collaborative performances with groups of young people with profound and multiple disabilities, learning disability, ASC and emotional difficulties. Alongside this I completed Masters research into the relationship between performance, liminality and processes of social change. I continued to be engaged in creative projects with learning disability organisations and have a cross disciplinary publication in the field of anthropology looking at what the practice of observational drawing can teach us about issues of visibility and participation when working with individuals with verbal limitations.
The backdrop to my life has always been painting and drawing, and this is a vital channel for me to express and understand myself and my context. Within my own art practice I am often drawn to working with layers and playing with dialogues between seen and unseen parts. I am interested in how the known and the knowable can merge and come into focus through the instinctive practice of mark making.
In 2010, after my own experience of allowing my artwork to become part of the process within my own therapy I began my training as an art psychotherapist. In 2016 I started to expand my practice to working with families by beginning a systemic training. Since then I have set up a family art psychotherapy service in an acute mental health unit in the NHS, set up an art psychotherapy service within a private psychiatric unit, and provided art psychotherapy to people across the age range within specialist education, CAMHS, and within inpatient settings presenting with complex needs, histories of trauma, attachment difficulties, eating disorders, communication difficulties and autistic spectrum conditions.

Training & Qualifications:
MA Art Psychotherapy
Systemic Psychotherapy Training to Intermediate Level
Psychoanalytical Psychotherapy Introductory course, Philadelphia Assoication
MA Theatre Making: Creative Practice with Critical Engagement
BA Social Anthropology

Registered Bodies:
Registered Bodies and Organisational Positions:
HCPC (Health and Care Professions Council) Member
BAAT (British Association of Art Therapists) Member
AFT (Association for Family Therapy and Systemic Practice) Member
OTS Member

Find A Therapist. MelB

Melanie Bain
Humanistic Counsellor

Offering: Individual therapy
Availability: Monday - Saturday
Fees: £60 - £65 (50 min sessions)
Frequency: weekly
Location: OTS-Oxford & Witney Therapy Centres
Also at: Bicester or online

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Approach & Specialist Areas:
The aim of my work is to enable you to increase self-awareness and notice hidden attitudes, feelings or behaviours that you may have in relation to your current situation or problem. My belief is that when we become more aware of ourselves this increases our own ability to see, challenge and change old unhelpful patterns and belief systems. Because we have unique personalities and backgrounds I find that one approach does not work for everyone, therefore, how I work with you may vary depending on your own needs and personality and how we relate to one another during our time together.

Within my counselling profession, I have worked with adults and young people who have faced difficulties from substance abuse, mental/physical/sexual abuse, self-esteem, depression and relationship issues. However, my work is not specific to these issues alone.

Prior to, during and after my training, I worked within the health, social and criminal justice sector. For nearly five years I have worked with organisations specialising in the rehabilitation of drug and alcohol users and prolific offenders. I currently support children, young people and their families who are facing domestic and social difficulties.

I am a registered member of the National Counselling Society and I work alongside their ethical standards. I undertake regular supervision and ongoing professional development to ensure a high standard of working. I am DBS checked in order to work with children.

Training & Qualifications:
I have a post-graduate diploma in Humanistic counselling and supervision from the Kinharvie Institute, Caledonian University of Glasgow, where I attended from 2001 and 2004.

Registered Bodies:
OTS Member
National Counselling Society accredited registrant

Find A Therapist. DonnaB

Donna Brunstrom

Offering: One-to-one therapy
Availability: Monday - Friday
Fees: £40 - £50, 50-min sessions
Frequency: Weekly/Fortnightly
Location: OTS-Oxford Therapy Centre

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Approach & Specialist Areas:
I offer a safe, supportive and confidential environment in which you can explore personal and professional issues face-to-face, on either a short or long-term basis. I have experience working with a wide range of clients in terms of age, culture and personal or professional background. I have worked with people experiencing depression, anxiety, trauma, loss, eating disorders, parenting, identity and emotional difficulties. I believe that we are all unique and my approach reflects this. I use an “integrative” approach, which means that I draw upon a variety of resources and methods so that I can tailor the therapy to each person and their circumstances. Perhaps even more important is how well we relate to each other as individuals - and I will happily refer you to a different counsellor if that seems better for you. I understand that it takes a lot of courage to share personal matters and difficulties with a complete stranger, so I will always go at your pace as we explore what’s going on in your life, in a way that is safe, confidential and without judgement.

My interests have always centred on human behaviour and helping others. Prior to becoming a therapist, my first degree led me to various corporate roles in London and Sydney: but my outlook changed when I had children and I worked for a while in adult education before retraining as a teacher. I have taught in both primary and secondary schools and have been in the UK for many years, although I still call Australia home.

Training & Qualifications:
I am a fully qualified counsellor. I trained at the Banbury Academy Centre where I gained a Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling. I am a member of the Oxford Therapy Centre (OTS), a co-operative of counsellors and therapists from a wide range of therapeutic orientations, where I also I participate in further professional development. In addition, I have completed a one year course at the Oxford Mindfulness Centre (OMC), as a teacher of Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT). The OMC, in partnership with the University of Oxford, are at the forefront of Mindfulness research and training. Besides being a member of the BACP (British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists), I have a degree in Commerce, a Postgraduate Diploma in Education and an enhanced DBS certificate in order to work with children.

Registered Bodies:
BACP Member
OTS member

Find A Therapist. KatherineW

Katherine Cavallo
Systemic Couple and Family Psychotherapist

Offering: Individual, Couples, Parenting & Family Sessions
Availability: Monday & Friday
Fees: from £75 per session dependent
Frequency: weekly, fortnightly, monthly & ad hoc
Location: On-line only

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Approach & Specialist Areas:

As a fully qualified and accredited Systemic Couple and Family Psychotherapist, I work therapeutically with Individuals, Couples, Groups and Families across the age-span; from young children attending with their parents, to older adult couples. My work often involves working with those around the person most affected, including the wider social network, such as siblings, carers or grandparents etc.

Systemic Couple and Family Therapy is an effective approach to support those affected by an extensive range of psychological difficulties experienced by children, young people and adults. It can also support those who want to improve couple or family relationships, or those affected by loss or changes that may place particular stress on relationships. My overall approach is Strengths and Resilience orientated and can combine Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT) and Mindfulness informed approaches, when appropriate. I work collaborative and flexibly, offering a bespoke service, underpinned by the latest evidence based principles, to address your unique concerns.

Feel free to contact me to arrange an initial phone consultation free of charge.


I have worked therapeutically with Children, Young People and Adults for over twenty years.

Within the NHS, my experience spans a variety of contexts including Community and Inpatient Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) and Specialist Eating Disorder Services. I have also considerable experience in contributing to Neurodevelopmental assessments, such as Autistic Spectrum Conditions and have worked within Children’s Paediatric Inpatient Services and Palliative Care. Alongside my clinical role, over the years, I have been involved in Service Development and Leadership, as well as providing Training, Supervision and Consultation. As a Specialist Clinical Lecturer at Oxford Brookes University I have designed and delivered teaching for Graduate and Postgraduate Students regarding the Treatment of Eating Disorders. I have written for publication on diverse topics including; Adherence to Health Advice Amongst Young People with Chronic Illness, Therapeutic Massage for Children with Cerebral Palsy (I am also a qualified Massage Therapist) and the Role of the Therapeutic Alliance in Treating Young People with Eating Disorders. For my MA Dissertation, I explored how Arts-based approaches could be utilised to strengthen Clinical Team Resilience.

Alongside my Independent Practice, I currently work part time as a Senior Family Therapist within South Oxfordshire Child and Adolescent Mental Service.

In my private practice, I initially worked with the Oxford Priory Wellbeing Centre, before developing my own Independent Practice in locations across Oxford. In 2018 I became affiliated with The OTS-Oxford Therapy Centre and currently base my practice in East Oxford.

Training and Qualifications:

- MA Systemic Family Psychotherapy, Tavistock and Portman Clinic, London
- PGD Systemic Family Practice (Eating Disorders), Reading University
- PGC Applied Systemic Theory, Tavistock and Portman Clinic, London
- PGC Teaching and Assessment, Oxford Brooked University
- Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Children and Young People, Oxford Cognitive Therapies Centre (OCTC)
- Cognitive Behavioural Therapy – Enhanced (Eating Disorders), Prof Fairburn, OCTC
- Dialogical Behavioural Therapy, Oxford Health DBT Service
- Multifamily Therapy for Eating Disorders, Maudsley Hospital, London
- Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS), Oxford Health Neurodevelopmental Service
- Psychological Perspectives in Education and Primary Care (PPEPC) Reading University

Registered Bodies;

I am fully accredited member of both the UK Council of Psychotherapy (UKCP) and Associated of Family Therapy (AFT)

Find A Therapist. Lucy Cavendish

Lucy Cavendish
Integrative Counsellor

Offering: One-to-one therapy
Availability: Various throughout week
Fees: £80 (£75 min), couples-£120
Frequency: Weekly / Fortnightly
Location: OTS-Oxford Therapy Centre
Also at: Henley on Thames, London & Chiltern Valley.

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Approach & Specialist Areas:
I am a qualified counsellor working with adults, adolescents and couples. During my work as a counsellor - and as a human being living in this planet right now - I have come to believe that there are just times when we need support and understanding from someone other than our close friends and family. It does not necessarily mean we are in crisis; it may be that we need a confidential space in which to talk, to be heard, understood and not judged.
Counselling offers a safe, contained space within which to explore, to move in to a better, deeper and more accepting relationship with yourself and others through the support of a trained counsellor such as myself who will be beside you and with you as feelings, thoughts and emotions come up.
Integrative counselling and my approach is all about listening, thinking, working together in the room with what is going on outside the room but also inside the room. I work a lot with the feelings in the room. Integrated counselling means I have trained in psychoanalytic counselling as espoused by Freud, Jung et al as well as using a person-centred approach which means I deal with the day-to-day and immediate problems and challenges and look at what is happening for you now. I am aware that going in to counselling can feel momentous and many people feel nervous, worried and shy. My role is to help you through difficult times and to allay your fears and concerns and also to help maybe make tiny shifts so that things that appear maybe uncomfortable and insoluble become something that can be shared and worked through. It can be an illuminating journey we take together.
I offer an all-round therapeutic approach and my areas of expertise are anxiety, depression, eating disorders, body dysmorphia, gender identity, panic attacks, mild psychotic incidents, suicide ideation, couples, adolescents, anger issues and support for couples at every level of their relationship including better endings. I have many clients post-separation and divorce who feel they need support when everything else seems difficult and tricky. I have also seen couples who wish to deepen their relationship through counselling - a Love MOT as it were. I have also helped families who are struggling with a range of issues, especially often when their children reach the teenage years. Sometimes adolescents prefer counselling by themselves, sometimes with their families to work through what systems are in place that might need looking at.

I am also a writer who has spent the last two decades interviewing people and, in a working capacity, I have met a range of people and travelling the globe which, I believe, has helped me be a better and more broad-minded therapist who has lived a life. I worked for many years as a journalist and broadcaster writing for The Times, the Telegraph, the Guardian and Observer and many women’s magazines. I have regularly appeared on the BBC and ITV and done talks on Radio 4. I decided to re-train as a therapist six years ago and now combine writing, public speaking and counselling.

Over the past three years I have been working as a counsellor with 11-plus clients at a youth counselling centre and I also work with adult clients and couples. I run a Talking to Teens set of workshops with a range of parents who come together to talk about their issues with teens.
I have just started exploring body-centred therapy which helps people access their deep feelings through their body and how they express themselves in and through their body. I have also been looking at psychodramas as a form of group therapy. I have been part of Pesso Boyden workshops which is a body-based therapy and have also qualified as a Couples Counsellor.
I have spent two years working at the Oxford Women’s Counselling Centre (OWCC)

Training & Qualifications:
Level 2, 3 & 4 Advanced Diploma in Integrative Counselling from the Mary Ward Centre in London.
Certificate in Introduction in Couples Counselling and have taken an Advanced Couples Counselling diploma.
2 years studying psychoanalytic therapy and psychodrama with Andrew Wallas

Registered Bodies:
OTS Member
BACP Member

Find A Therapist. NicolaEdmonds

Nicola Edmonds
Psychotherapeutic Counsellor

Offering: Individual Therapy
Availability: (Days, evenings) Monday evening (Zoom) and Tuesday evenings (person - Witney)
Fees: £50 (some £35 spaces)
Frequency: Weekly
Location: OTS-Oxford Therapy Centre
Also at: OTS-Witney Therapy Centre

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Approach & Specialist Areas:
I am a qualified Psychotherapeutic Counsellor offering medium- and long-term counselling and psychotherapy for individuals. I have been trained in a combination of approaches including Transactional Analysis, Gestalt, Psychodynamic and Person-Centred approaches.

I have 35 years of experience of working supportively with people from all walks of life through; one-to-one Coaching, Executive Coaching, Group Facilitation of groups with conflicting objectives, Conflict Resolution, working with vulnerable children and troubled adolescents. I have successfully worked in Corporate, Educational, and Voluntary settings. I have been working with clients for the last five years.

Working in an open and transparent way, I tailor my approach to suit your specific needs. I will provide a calm and reflective environment through which we can be curious and explore whatever it is you need to bring. Working together, we can review how you live and relate to others, both now and in the past, to enable you to make sense of how you are feeling and why, and to locate and develop your natural capabilities to enable you to support yourself better. This will be your space to be listened to, accepted and heard.

I work with:

  • anxiety or panic attacks
  • eating disorders
  • depression
  • loneliness
  • emptiness
  • self-harm
  • difficulty expressing feelings; feeling numb
  • relationship difficulties
  • extreme mood swings/anger/sadness
  • shame and guilt
  • lack of confidence/low self-esteem
  • identity
  • living with the effects of abuse
  • rape

  • Training/Qualifications:
    CCTP: Trauma Certification
    Diploma, Humanistic Counsellor - Metanoia Institute
    Masters Level: Conflict Resolution & Group Facilitation (NAOS Institute)

    Registered Bodies:
    Member of Oxford Psychotherapy Society
    Member of OTS

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